Meet the Team

Meet the team behind LearnDataSci

Brendan Martin
Brendan Martin
Founder of LearnDataSci
Fatih Karabiber
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Data Scientist
Georgios Efstathopoulos
Quantitative Analyst
Data Scientist Author Photo
Nikos Koufos
CS & Engineering Post Graduate
James McDermott
Data Science Consultant
Tim Dobbins LearnDataSci Author
Tim Dobbins
Engineer & Statistician
John Burke Data Scientist Author @ Learn Data Sci
John Burke
Research Analyst
Ray McLendon
Ray McLendon
Senior Data Scientist
Jeremiah Mannings
Jeremiah Mannings
Senior Data Science Consultant
Brian Joseph
Data Scientist
George McIntire
Data Scientist
Lauren Washington
Lead Data Scientist & ML Developer
Bassim Eledath
Data Scientist
Satwik Kansal
Satwik Kansal
Software Developer
Ioannis Tolios
Data Scientist
Ioannis Prapas
Data Scientist
Aaron So Author Photo
Aaron So
C.S. Graduate Student at Columbia University

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